Meagan Holman


Meagan Holman is a collaborative leader and dynamic speaker known for her commitment to change in Milwaukee. In her civic and professional life, Meagan has a strong record of engaging the community in problem-solving. As a school board member, Meagan represented District 8 on Milwaukee’s South Side and was twice selected to serve as vice president by her colleagues. Her work altered the landscape for MPS by expanding opportunities, championing fiscal responsibility, and hiring a transformational new superintendent.

A leader in Milwaukee’s nonprofit sector, she has used her experience as an advocate and community organizer with business, community, and faith organizations to support Milwaukee’s underserved families. Meagan currently directs Civic Engagement and the Volunteer Milwaukee program for the Nonprofit Center of Milwaukee, ensuring that every Milwaukee area resident who wishes to participate in civic life has a meaningful way to do so.

Born and raised in Boston, Meagan settled in Milwaukee more than a decade ago. She graduated from Oberlin College and went on to study at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, where she earned a Master’s degree in Public Policy. Her four sons attend Milwaukee Public Schools’ Fernwood Montessori School.